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Chickens and ducks bring images of farm-fresh breakfasts and chicks and ducklings scampering around while their human counterparts hustle and bustle through their farm day. We think you’ll enjoy this blog post from Lisa Steele of Fresh Eggs Daily, Inc., in Suffolk, Virginia. Thank you, Virginia, for your contribution! — FarmMade

Chicken coop plans

Raise chickens, pick wildflowers, grow vegetables, wear an apron, sew a quilt, bake an apple pie, catch tadpoles, knit a sweater, ride a horse, make jam, dry herbs, milk a cow, bake bread, hang your laundry outside on the line, spin wool from your own sheep…

Through Fresh Eggs Daily (the Facebook page and the blog), I try to inspire others to live a simple, wonderful, natural farm life…every day.

My grandparents were chicken farmers in rural Massachusetts, where I grew up. As a kid, we had chickens, rabbits and cats. After college, I moved to New York and worked on Wall Street for a few years, but after getting married and moving out to the country, I fully embraced my ‘inner farm girl’ and got back to my roots.

My husband and I raise chickens and ducks for their eggs on our small farm here in Virginia. We have a vegetable and herb garden, and a horse who grazes on our two acres of pasture.

Feed bag market totes


In my Etsy shop, I sell chicken coop plans, feed bag market totes, hand blown chicken and duck eggs, nesting box herb sachets, hand painted mailbox signs made from old fence boards, and vintage farm items.

I love the idea of repurposing simple things that would otherwise get thrown away into useful, unique products.

We just planted berry bushes this spring and I have my very first fertile duck eggs in the incubator. I love raising and growing as much as we can. And I enjoy making unique items to sell out of odds and ends and whatever we have around the farm.

I share recipes, easy DIY projects and lots of chicken and duck advice on Facebook and my blog and I hope that inspires others to live the country life, no matter where they live.

–Lisa Steele, Fresh Eggs Daily

Hand blown chicken and duck eggs


More hand blown chicken and duck eggs


Nesting box herb sachets

Nesting box herb sachets


Handpainted mailbox signs made from old fence boards

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